Tutorial downloads

The 2020 show materials will be available at the start of Term 1, 2020.

What is Kids for Kids?

The Kids for Kids concert series is celebrating it's 26th year and through the power of music and community has bought more than 300,000 children together. This year alone 10,000 children will have the chance to take to the stage in a mass choir performance.

The concerts are held at a wide range of venues nationwide and feature a mass choir of children representing a city or region. The number of children on stage can vary from 500 to 1300.

Kids for Kids and The Salvation Army

At Kids for Kids we believe in using our voices for good. At each show in 2019 we collected cans for The Salvation Army. By bringing a can to a Kids for Kids show you can help make a difference to Kiwis who are struggling. In 2018, The Salvation Army provided nearly 60,000 food parcels to Kiwis in need. Kids for Kids is excited to be able to help promote the great work that The Salvation Army is doing across Aotearoa to assist families. All cans donated through Kids for Kids concerts will go into The Salvation Army food parcels enabling schools to make a direct and real difference to those in need in their local community during winter.

What happens once we have registered?

Once you have registered, we will allocate you a concert date. We make every effort to allocate you your date of choice, but cannot always guarantee this. Approximately three months before each tour, your allocated concert date will be confirmed and tutorial materials sent to participating schools. The tutorial materials consist of lyrics, and a code will be provided for you to download vocal tracks from our website. On concert day, all the choirs convene in the morning for a rehearsal as one mass choir.

What concerts will run during 2020?

See our Dates and Location page for 2020 show dates and information.

When can I register for Kids for Kids 2020?

Once dates are announced, please head to the Book Now page of this website to register online. To register through our office at

What happens if fewer children can participate than the original number we registered?

Please contact the Kids for Kids co-ordinator as soon as possible on 0800-KIDS4KIDS (0800-5437-4-5437) or

May we have the music score?

We currently provide lyrics, and tracks with guide vocals. These are found in the tutorial packs that we send to you.

Can I download the tutorial materials?

You will find copies of the tutorial materials available for download at the top of this page. If you are unsure of what materials belong to the show you are participating in, then please contact us at 0800-KIDS4KIDS (0800-5437-4-5437) or Owing to copyright restrictions, we do not provide copies of the music score.

How do parents purchase tickets?

Tickets will be on sale approximately one month prior to the concert and are available through the ticketing agent handling the venue for your school. We will also send more information to your school closer to the time.

What is the cost of the ticket?

Ticket prices vary depending on the venue. We try to keep the ticket price as low as we can, to allow as many families as possible to see their children perform. We really appreciate you purchasing a concert ticket as it helps cover the cost of bringing this awesome event to your community. 

When do rehearsals take place?

Please be at the venue by 9.00am for stage placement. Rehearsal starts at 9.30am sharp. Your choir will be off stage by 12.30pm to go back to school.

Do we have morning tea?

There will be a short break during rehearsal for morning tea, so please bring drinks/snacks for your choir.

When do you audition for the soloists?

We have changed the way that we audition our soloists this year. Soloist auditions will be via video submissions. Choir teachers will have the option of putting forward 2 soloists and 1 rapper to audition via video submission. Four weeks before your event, your school will be sent a link to upload videos for consideration. Two weeks before your show day, schools will be notified as to who will attend callbacks at rehearsal. All instructions and the link to upload your videos will be sent to Choir Teachers four weeks before the event. 

Do the children have to wear their school uniform during the day?

We do not have a preference, but we will ask for sweatshirts/jackets to be removed before students go on stage. Most students will come as a group from school and return to school for the afternoon. Please ask the teacher what to wear during the rehearsal.

What do the children wear on the night of the performance?

Children should wear bright-coloured clothing. The more colourful and fun the better! No jackets or jerseys are to be worn on stage as it can become very warm performing under lights.

When do the children need to be backstage prior to the actual performance?

Please ensure that all students are backstage by 6.45pm. We will start leading the students on stage by 7.10pm. The concert will start at 7.30pm. The concert will conclude by 9.00pm. There is no intermission during the show.

When and where do parents collect their children?

At the conclusion of the concert programme, children will be released in groups from the stage. Parents are asked to collect their children inside the venue.

Can we use the Kids for Kids music for other school choir/performing arts events?

We cannot grant permission for the music or lyrics to be used outside of the Kids for Kids shows. To perform any music in your school you must ensure you hold a OneMusic licence